Toyota Launches Yaris & Corolla Installment Plan through Faysal Bank

Toyota Launches Yaris & Corolla Installment Plan through Faysal Bank

Toyota Launches Yaris & Corolla Installment Plan through Faysal Bank

In a bid to make its popular Yaris and Corolla models more accessible to customers, Toyota has joined forces with Faysal Bank to introduce a flexible and convenient instalment plan for purchasing their vehicles.

Introducing the Toyota-Faysal Bank Installment Plan

The instalment plan offers numerous benefits, which include:

  1. Discounted Profit Rate
  2. Exclusive Takaful Rate @1.5%
  3. Priority delivery (within 10 working days)
  4. 50% waiver in Processing Fee

Toyota has taken a major step towards enhancing customer convenience by introducing a new instalment plan. Through this plan, customers can now buy a brand-new Toyota Yaris or Corolla through Faysal Bank, opting for a monthly payment scheme that suits their financial capabilities.

To cater to the diverse financial needs of potential buyers, the Toyota-Faysal Bank Installment Plan offers various flexible payment options. Depending on their preferences and financial capacity, customers can choose a repayment tenure ranging from one to five years.

The collaboration between Toyota and Faysal Bank ensures that customers benefit from competitive interest rates on the installment plans. By providing market-competitive rates, the two partners aim to make this financing option more attractive than others available in the automotive market.

One of the standout advantages of this installment plan is the discounted profit rate offered by Faysal Bank. This reduction in the profit rate helps customers achieve more affordable monthly installments, making Toyota vehicles accessible to a wider audience.

Customers opting for the Toyota-Faysal Bank Installment Plan can also benefit from an exclusive Takaful rate of just 1.5%. This special rate for Islamic insurance ensures that customers can protect their new vehicle without incurring high insurance costs.

To further enhance the overall car-buying experience, the installment plan includes a priority delivery service. Once their application is approved and formalities are completed, customers can expect to receive their brand-new Yaris or Corolla within a swift 10 working days.

Another appealing aspect of the installment plan is the 50% waiver in the processing fee, provided by Toyota and Faysal Bank. This waiver reduces additional costs for customers, making the entire purchasing process more cost-effective.


The launch of the Toyota Yaris and Corolla Installment Plan in partnership with Faysal Bank signifies a significant milestone in the automotive industry. It underscores Toyota’s commitment to offering innovative solutions that enhance customer convenience. With affordable monthly payments, competitive interest rates, discounted profit rates, exclusive Takaful rates, priority delivery service, and processing fee waivers, this installment plan is poised to attract a broader customer base and contribute to the growth and development of the auto sector in the country. For those aspiring to own a brand-new Toyota, this installment plan presents an excellent opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.