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Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan August 2023

Suzuki Mehran New Price in Pakistan August 2023

The automotive sector in Pakistan has experienced an amazing boom, with numerous local and international producers competing to offer pinnacle-satisfactory automobiles for the loads. Among the outstanding players in the Pakistani vehicle market, Suzuki stays a popular preference for budget-aware purchasers.

One of their most enduring and famous fashions is the Suzuki Mehran, a compact hatchback that has captured the hearts of limitless Pakistani drivers with its affordability and reliability.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan

As of August 2023, the Suzuki Mehran is available at an attractive fee of PKR 949,000, making it an tremendous alternative for first-time automobile customers and people in search of a cost-powerful commuting solution. The car’s affordability, coupled with its practicality and coffee maintenance costs, has contributed to its sustained reputation in the Pakistani marketplace.

A Brief History of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan

Introduced in Pakistan within the late 1980s, the Suzuki Mehran quick received reputation among customers because of its sincere design and economic performance. Over the years, it has gone through numerous updates and upgrades to fulfill the changing demands of the marketplace. Despite dealing with opposition from more modern models, the Mehran’s reliability and affordability have enabled it to hold a sizable marketplace proportion within the entry-stage phase.

Features and Specifications

The Suzuki Mehran is equipped with a 796cc engine, imparting good enough strength for city using and short trips. While it could now not boast the maximum effective engine on the street, its gas performance makes it a compelling desire for day by day commuting, especially in congested city regions. The automobile’s compact length guarantees clean maneuverability and parking, a vital gain in Pakistan’s bustling cities.

Inside the cabin, the Mehran gives a sensible and simple layout. The seats are cushy, and the dashboard capabilities essential facilities along with air conditioning, a music system, and functional gauges, ensuring a pleasing riding revel in. The automobile’s minimalist technique to capabilities and design allows maintain the overall cost low, making it reachable to a wide variety of purchasers.

Safety and Reliability

As with any price range-friendly car, positive compromises were made in phrases of protection features. While the Suzuki Mehran comes with general safety capabilities like seatbelts and door beams, it can no longer offer superior safety technology located in higher-quit models. However, the automobile’s robust construct and dependable engineering have earned it recognition for durability and dependability, factors which might be tremendously valued in Pakistan’s various street situations.

The Suzuki Mehran’s Impact on Pakistani Society

Over the years, the Suzuki Mehran has developed into greater than just a means of transportation; it has turn out to be a cultural icon in Pakistan. Its affordability and simplicity of upkeep have made it a famous preference for middle-elegance households, and it has end up synonymous with the desires and aspirations of many aspiring car owners in the United States.

The Mehran’s widespread use as a taxicab in numerous cities stands as proof of its persistence and suitability for business functions. Its potential to with ease accommodate passengers and its monetary gas consumption have made it a favored preference for public transportation providers.


The August 2023 fee of PKR 949,000 for the Suzuki Mehran maintains to make it an attractive choice for finances-conscious customers in Pakistan. Despite going through opposition from more recent fashions, the Mehran’s legacy as a less expensive, dependable, and realistic vehicle stays robust. Its effect on Pakistani society and culture is simple, and it maintains to symbolize mobility and progress for countless people across the kingdom.