Honda CG 125 Installment plan with Meezan Bank 2023

Honda CG 125 installment plan with Meezan Bank 2023

Honda CG 125 installment plan with Meezan Bank 2023

In today’s world, owning an individual mode of transportation is vital as open transport regularly burdens people. Among different choices, bicycles are the foremost favoured vehicles that individuals select to hold in Pakistan. Concerning everyday utilization, the Honda CG 125 is the ideal choice. 

If you’re curious about acquiring the most recent Honda CG 125 through portions, you’ll discover all the significant subtle elements concerning the portion arranged with Meezan Bank.

Meezan Bank apni motorcycle scheme

Meezan Bank offers Apni Bike, a Riba-free bicycle financing alternative based on Shariah standards, permitting people to claim a bicycle through helpful month-to-month portions. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing the Honda CG 125 portion arrange with Meezan Bank:

  • Shariah-compliant: The financing alternative follows Islamic principles.
  • Immediate possession: Clients can possess the bicycle as long as they book the delivery.
  • Tenure adaptability: The portion arranged can final up to 3 years, giving adaptability to customers.
  • Minimum down installments begin at 15% and can go up to 50%.
  • This arrangement is accessible in major cities of Pakistan, counting Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, etc.
  • Easy installments: Installments are deducted straightforwardly from the Meezan Bank Account.
  • Transparent understanding: All documentation and costs are straightforwardly uncovered through a composed agreement.
  • With these benefits, people can rapidly satisfy their dream of owning a Honda CG 125 through Meezan Bank’s Apni Bicycle financing.

Honda CG 125 installments plan with Meezan Bank

The Honda CG 125 could be a vigorous bicycle highlighting a 4-stroke air-cooled motor, conveying 11 drive and 9 Newton meters of torque. Besides its noteworthy execution,

The bicycle brags an effective fuel normal of around 45 kilometers per liter. As of now, Honda CG 125 cost in Pakistan is PKR 229,900. 

Without a doubt, aside from its effective motor and fuel effectiveness, there are various other reasons to consider buying the Honda CG 125 in Pakistan. The accessibility of simple portion plans is one of the major attractions for customers.

Meezan Bank offers Honda CG 125 through the arrangement of a straightforward portion, which can be profited for 1, 2, or 3 a long time, depending on the customer’s inclination. Additionally, the bank gives distinctive down installment plans. 

One can offer assistance with the offer by paying a 15% to 50% downpayment. This adaptability in installment choices permits people to satisfy their dream of owning a Honda CG 125 in Pakistan without confronting a monetary burden upfront.

As the costs are expanding every day, individuals prefer to select three years. There are 36 month-to-month rentals. All candidates must pay a settled and non-refundable preparation expense of PKR 1,800.

Equity Bike PriceDown Installment+ Handling FeeTotal UpfrontMonthly Instalment
15%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 28,725PKR 30,525PKR 7,363
20%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 38,300PKR 40,100PKR 6,930
25%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 47,87PKR 49,675PKR 6,497
30%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 57,450PKR 59,250PKR 6,064
35%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 67,025PKR 68,825PKR 5,631
40%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 76,600PKR 78,400PKR 5,198
45%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 86,175PKR 87,975PKR 4,764
50%PKR 229,900PKR 1,800+ PKR 95,750PKR 97,550PKR 4,331

For more data, you’ll be able to visit the Meezan Bank’s closest department for more subtle information.