Honda CD 70 Installment Plan with Zero Markup August 2023

Honda CD 70 Installment Plan with Zero Markup August 2023

Honda CD 70 Installment Plan with Zero Markup August 2023

The Honda CD 70 is a highly popular motorcycle manufactured by Atlas Honda Limited, a joint venture between Honda Motor Company of Japan and Atlas Group of Pakistan. Known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability, the Honda CD 70 has become the top choice for riders in Pakistan.

Here is a breakdown of the Honda CD 70 installment plan:

MonthInstallment Amount (PKR)
1st Month51,633
2nd Month25,817
3rd Month20,077
4th Month15,775
5th Month11,473
6th Month9,325
Remaining Months7,180

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With record-high prices affecting the motorcycle industry in Pakistan, people are finding it challenging to afford motorbikes, with prices reaching as high as 0.25 million. The Honda CD 70 has also experienced a price increase due to the rising cost of production and the depreciation of the local currency.

In light of this situation, individuals are actively seeking easy installment plans to acquire new bikes or upgrade their existing rides. Recognizing the need, Atlas Honda Limited (AHL), the manufacturer of the most popular bikes, has recently introduced a zero percent markup installment plan for two of its models – the Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125.

It’s required to keep in mind, though, that this tempting offer is only accessible at Honda’s 3S stores. customers can purchase the motorcycles under the 0% markup plan without paying any extra money, but the offer is only good for six months.

Customers will still be charged the Federal Excise Duty (FED) and a processing fee for the product of 2.5 percent, it is vital to note.

With this installment plan, customers can enjoy the convenience of acquiring the Honda CD 70 through affordable monthly payments, making it easier for them to own their desired motorcycle without financial strain.