All Honda Cars Prices July 2023

New Honda Cars Prices July 2023

New Honda Cars Prices July 2023

As we enter July 2023, Honda, the renowned Japanese automaker, has unveiled its latest lineup of cars with updated price tags. From the compact and budget-friendly Honda City to the opulent and sophisticated Honda Accord, the brand continues to cater to diverse preferences and needs. In this article, we will delve into the details of each model’s pricing and examine the potential impact on the automotive market in Pakistan.

New Honda Car Prices in July 2023

ModelPrice Range (PKR)
Honda CityPKR 48.0 – 59.8 lacs
Honda BR-VPKR 65.3 lacs
Honda HR-VPKR 79.0 – 82.0 lacs
Honda CivicPKR 86.0 lacs – 1.02 crore
Honda CR-VPKR 1.07 crore
Honda AccordPKR 1.55 crore

Honda City: Unmatched Affordability and Comfort

A beloved choice among Pakistani drivers, the Honda City has solidified its position as a practical and comfortable sedan. In July 2023, the new Honda City is priced attractively between PKR 48.0 and 59.8 lacs, making it an affordable option for budget-conscious customers. With its spacious interior, fuel-efficient engine, and modern features, the City remains a preferred choice for families and daily commuters.

Honda BR-V: Embrace Adventure

For adventure enthusiasts, the rugged and versatile Honda BR-V stands out as a reliable SUV. Priced at PKR 65.3 lacs, the BR-V offers ample seating and cargo space, making it an excellent choice for families with a penchant for exploration. Equipped with a powerful engine and advanced safety features, the BR-V conquers both city streets and off-road terrains with ease.

Honda HR-V: Where Sportiness Meets Sophistication

Combining sportiness with sophistication, the Honda HR-V appeals to modern families and urban dwellers. With a price range of PKR 79.0 to 82.0 lacs, this crossover SUV exudes elegance and innovation. Boasting a sleek design and loaded with cutting-edge technology, the HR-V provides a thrilling driving experience coupled with convenience and style.

Honda Civic: A Timeless Icon Evolved

The Honda Civic has long been an emblem of style and performance, and the latest model continues this legacy. Priced between PKR 86.0 lacs and 1.02 crore, the new Civic boasts a striking design, premium interiors, and advanced safety systems. This sedan caters to discerning customers who seek a perfect blend of luxury and driving dynamics.

Honda CR-V: Luxury Redefined

Catering to luxury-seeking connoisseurs, the Honda CR-V exudes opulence and refinement. With a price tag of PKR 1.07 crore, this premium crossover SUV offers a serene and plush driving experience. Boasting premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and a powerful engine, the CR-V represents the epitome of automotive luxury.

Honda Accord: The Epitome of Elegance

At the pinnacle of Honda’s offerings stands the illustrious Honda Accord. Priced at PKR 1.55 crore, this prestigious sedan commands attention with its grandeur and exceptional features. Catering to executives and auto enthusiasts alike, the Accord promises a lavish journey with its sophisticated design, state-of-the-art amenities, and unmatched performance.

Impact on the Automotive Market

The announcement of the updated Honda car prices in July 2023 is expected to create ripples in the Pakistani automotive market. The affordability of the Honda City and the adventurous allure of the Honda BR-V are likely to attract a diverse range of buyers. Simultaneously, luxury seekers may opt for the top-tier Honda Accord or the refined Honda CR-V, setting a trend for high-end vehicle purchases.


As July 2023 unfolds, Honda’s latest car prices offer a glimpse of the ever-evolving automotive landscape in Pakistan. With an extensive range of models catering to varying preferences, Honda reaffirms its commitment to delivering quality vehicles to the Pakistani market. Each model’s distinct features and price points ensure that there is a Honda car for every type of customer, further solidifying Honda’s position as a leading player in the Pakistani automobile industry.