Best Cars to Buy Under 20 Lakh in Pakistan

Best Cars to Buy Under 20 Lakh in Pakistan

Best Cars to Buy Under 20 Lakh in Pakistan

With the availability of leased imported cars, Pakistan’s automotive market has witnessed a remarkable influx of diverse vehicles. When contemplating the purchase of a car, it becomes imperative to identify one’s needs, preferences, and budget constraints. For the average middle-class individual, finding a suitable car within the 20 lakhs price range can be a daunting task.

Although price serves as a crucial starting point, other essential factors such as quality, cost of ownership, and reliability must not be overlooked. Car buyers are advised to conduct extensive research to make an informed decision. Additionally, seeking the expertise of a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle can prevent potential issues in the future. Below, we present a comprehensive list of some of the best cars available in Pakistan for under 20 lakhs, catering to diverse segments of the population.

Suzuki Cultus 2017

Price: 18.45 Lacs

The Suzuki Cultus 2017 model stands as a favoured choice among budget-conscious consumers. Powered by a 1000cc petrol engine with a manual transmission, it provides a reasonable fuel efficiency of 10-12 KM/L. The front-wheel-drive configuration accommodates five passengers, making it suitable for small families.

Suzuki Swift 2017

Price: 19.9 Lacs

Suzuki Swift 2017 is another attractive option from the same manufacturer, offering a more robust 1300cc engine paired with an automatic transmission. With a fuel efficiency of 12-14 KM/L, this front-wheel-drive hatchback comfortably seats five passengers. Its sleek design and agile performance appeal to young drivers.

Daihatsu Mira 2015

Price: 11.9 Lacs

For those seeking a compact solution, the Daihatsu Mira 2015 presents a 660cc petrol engine with automatic transmission. Delivering a fuel efficiency of 12-14 KM/L and featuring front-wheel-drive, this five-seater car proves economical for urban commuting.

Suzuki Wagon R 2019

Price: 18.8 Lacs

The Suzuki Wagon R 2019 boasts a 1000cc engine mated to a manual transmission, operating on a front-wheel-drive system. Its commendable fuel efficiency of 14-16 KM/L, coupled with a spacious interior accommodating five passengers, makes it a practical choice for families.

Toyota Corolla 2005

Price: 16.85 Lacs

An enduring favourite in the Pakistani market, the Toyota Corolla 2005 model offers a more potent 1800cc engine paired with automatic transmission. With a fuel efficiency ranging from 10-14 KM/L and seating for five passengers, the Corolla’s reputation for reliability and longevity makes it a popular option among buyers.

Toyota Vitz 2011

Price: 16.3 Lacs

The Toyota Vitz 2011 features a 1000cc engine with automatic transmission and a front-wheel-drive configuration. Its fuel efficiency of 12-15 KM/L and seating for five passengers make it a practical choice for urban driving. The Vitz is celebrated for its compact yet functional design.

Toyota Passo 2012

Price: 15.45 Lacs

Equipped with a 1000cc petrol engine and automatic transmission, the Toyota Passo 2012 offers a fuel efficiency of 12-16 KM/L and an all-wheel-drive system. The five-seater Passo provides a blend of versatility and efficiency, appealing to various driving needs.


In conclusion, the Pakistani automotive market offers a diverse range of budget-friendly cars for buyers looking to stay within the 20 lakhs price range. Each of the aforementioned vehicles possesses its distinct features and specifications, catering to a wide array of preferences and requirements. Prospective buyers are encouraged to conduct thorough research, prioritize reliability and cost of ownership, and make well-informed decisions to select the ideal car that suits their needs and budget.