All Honda Motorcycle Prices August 2023

Honda Motorcycle Price List August 2023

All Honda Motorcycle Price List August 2023

Honda, a globally renowned motorcycle manufacturer, has once again sparked the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts with its latest price list for August 2023.

Focused on delivering unrivalled quality, innovative features, and unmatched performance, Honda motorcycles have garnered immense popularity among riders worldwide. Let’s delve into the new price list and explore the enticing offerings that await motorcycle enthusiasts in the upcoming month.

Honda Motorcycle Price List August 2023

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)
Honda CD 70149,900154,900
Honda CD 70 Dream160,900165,900
Honda Pridor 100197,900203,900
Honda CG 125222,900229,900
Honda CG 125S-SE265,900275,900
Honda CB 125F365,900380,900
Honda CB 150F (Red, Black)458,900473,900
Honda CB 150F (Silver)462,900477,900

Honda CD 70: A Commuter’s Icon

Renowned for its reliability and fuel efficiency, the Honda CD 70 has earned its place as a true icon among commuters. In August 2023, its price will experience a moderate increase, going from PKR 149,900 to PKR 154,900. Nevertheless, the CD 70 remains a budget-friendly and dependable choice for daily commuting needs.

Honda CD 70 Dream: Elevating the Ride

For riders seeking an upgraded version of the CD 70, the Honda CD 70 Dream presents an ideal option. Boasting a sleek design and improved performance, the CD 70 Dream will see its price rise from PKR 160,900 to PKR 165,900 in August 2023. The investment promises additional features and an enhanced riding experience.

Honda Pridor 100: The Versatile Companion

Balancing power and fuel efficiency, the Honda Pridor 100 offers a compelling choice for daily commuting and occasional adventures. With its 100cc engine, this model’s price will increase from PKR 197,900 to PKR 203,900 in August 2023, making it a valuable investment for those seeking versatility in their rides.

Honda CG 125: Timeless Reliability

The Honda CG 125, a classic and robust choice, has stood the test of time as a favorite among motorcyclists. In August 2023, its price will rise from PKR 222,900 to PKR 229,900. Despite the price adjustment, the CG 125 continues to deliver reliable performance and remains a popular choice among Pakistani riders.

Honda CG 125S-SE: Sporty Elegance

For enthusiasts who desire a more stylish and sporty version of the CG 125, Honda offers the CG 125S-SE. Sporting a higher price tag, this model’s price will be PKR 275,900, up from the previous PKR 265,900 in August 2023.

Honda CB 125F: A Balanced Street Bike

Lauded for its performance and comfort, the Honda CB 125F stands as a well-balanced street bike with a 125cc engine. Despite a price increase from PKR 365,900 to PKR 380,900 in August 2023, riders can continue to expect a dynamic and enjoyable ride with this model.

Honda CB 150F: Power and Style

Among Honda’s lineup, the CB 150F emerges as a powerful and stylish choice for riders. Available in both red and black or silver, this motorcycle embodies a sporty look complemented by impressive performance. The CB 150F (Red, Black) will undergo a price change from PKR 458,900 to PKR 473,900, while the CB 150F (Silver) will go from PKR 462,900 to PKR 477,900 in August 2023.

As Honda Motorcycles maintain their reputation for setting industry standards in reliability, performance, and innovation, the price adjustments for August 2023 reflect the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products. While some models will experience a moderate price increase, they remain worthy investments for the unparalleled riding experience they offer.

It is essential to note that prices may vary across regions and dealerships. Prospective buyers are advised to verify the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information with authorized Honda dealers.


In conclusion, with the updated price list for August 2023, Honda Motorcycles promises to continue captivating riders with its remarkable lineup. Whether it’s the iconic CD 70, the powerful CG series, or the stylish CB range, Honda caters to diverse preferences, ensuring every ride becomes an unforgettable adventure.